Road Smart

A Custom Driver Education Program

Our custom driver education program consists of one or more courses you can choose from. Classes are listed starting with a beginning or basics class through the primer Zone Control classes. One feature that sets out program apart from others is the way we can tailor every aspect of our classes to fit your particular driving needs and conditions. All training is available at your site or ours.

National Safety Council DDC 4:
A fast paced classroom presentation that works for a first driver education class as well as a refresher. The class highlights the importance of attitude and attention in crash avoidance and prevention. The class provides practical strategies to reduce collision related injuries, fatalities, and repairs. (4 Hour Classroom)

Skid Demo:
Our trainer brings our Skid Truck or Car to your location and gives your drivers a quick taste of skid prevention and recovery skills. This will wet your appetite for this incredible training tool. (1/2 Hour Prep + 15 Minutes per Driver)

Winter Driving (Skid):
Do your employees know how to drive during harsh weather? Do they know what to do and how to prevent or recover from a dangerous skid? This class is designed for those situations. In our winter/harsh weather driving class your employees will learn what to look for in adverse weather as well as how to “Drive Smart” on snow, ice, and wet roads. This class incorporates a short classroom presentation and behind the wheel training. (1 Hour Class + 15 Minutes per Driver)

Zone Control (non-Skid):
This can be a first look at our hallmark “Zone Control” training concept. The “non–Skid” option consists of a 2-3 hour classroom to prepare students for two hours of behind the wheel, closed course, application of crash avoidance and prevention skills. This class focuses on understanding the mechanics of vehicle control and balance; the need for distraction avoidance.

Tires 101:
Tires, one of the basic yet most critical and often overlooked safety features on your vehicle. This one hour class reviews selection criteria based on use, load, and driving conditions. Learn insight to maintaining your fleet tires for maximum production and life. Choose the right tire for the job. Repairs; Proper inflation; Tire nomenclature; Tire facts. (1 Hour Classroom)

Road Assessments:
Our trainer comes to your location, reviews your current driving program, incidents, and offers recommendations for other education opportunities. The review can also include a ride along with some of your drivers to assess their skills and knowledge on the road. We can also offer stand-alone video assessment. This can help determine recommendations for future training.

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